It’s a Movement

We are three women who work creatively and artistically. This inspired us to create an art installation that is a way for people to come together through art. 

The Kindness–Love Movement is an expression of community. 

It shifts the script to a movement of light. We want to show people how to live in color.


We want the Kindness–Love Movement to be an expression of how to look at the world. Art creates empathy…


The Kindness–Love Movement was founded in 2020 by Liza Clymer. Her brilliant partners are Jane Millard and Vanessa Smith…


How does one participate?

Everyone and anyone can participate by creating artwork, poems, words, photographs that reflect or symbolize a K–L feeling and send to us. We will produce…. and add to the installation.

A young child recently made this and said that the colors mean that we are all different but the dots in the center of the colors mean our inner light is the same.

Be Creative

Paint stones in marigold and place on rock walls. Paint website address on the other side. Design stone pyramids.


Anyone can find a stone, paint it marigold, and put it in a place indoors or out to remind themselves and others to practice kindness and love. You may wish to paint a small one to keep in your pocket or to give to someone who may need to receive some extra kindness and love.



From The Heart

Join us spreading

kindness and love!

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